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Your Legal GPS for Startup Success
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Reality Check:

Your legal foundation can make or break your startup.

What can happen when your startup’s legal is not in order?

You’re forced to react on the fly to fires and disputes that arise

You’re constantly kept up at night

Costly mistakes can bring your business to a halt

Not every attorney is truly behind your idea

Overspending happens all too easily

Your Legal GPS:

Navigate the complexities of the startup landscape.

What we offer

Startup Formation: Lay a solid foundation for your journey with guidance on entity selection, founder agreements, and more.

Contracts and Agreements: Navigate negotiations, contracts, and partnerships with confidence.

Intellectual Property Protection: Safeguard your innovative ideas with our expert advice on intellectual property.

Funding and Investments: We'll help you secure the funding you need to fuel your growth.

Regulatory Compliance: Stay compliant with evolving legal requirements.

Mergers and Acquisitions: When the time comes, we'll guide you through successful exit strategies.

1,000+ Founders Guided & Supported

“Umar and team are fantastic to work with and I highly recommend anyone work with them. Umar helped me expertly navigate the complete sale of my last company to a large public company. And I’m working with him again at my new startup. He is the best!” Drew Wilson, CEO

(Industry: Wealth Management System)

“For us, CounselX perfectly blends accurate and detailed legal knowledge on trademark law, copyright law and intellectual property law with clear interpretations and guidance on the best ways our nimble, fast growing business can proceed. They make navigating a complex world less stressful for our company.”

Mark Predko, VP – Operations and Product Management
Buffalo Games (Industry: Board Games and Puzzles)

“Umar and CounselX is our go-to for all our commercial contract needs. The team has been an invaluable resource as we’ve grown as a software business and we can always count on their professionalism and advice as issues come up.” Devin Drake, CEO”

(Industry: Virtual and Hybrid Events)

Monthly Subscription Tiers For Each Startup Phase

No Long-term Commitment. Cancel Anytime.  Hours Do Not Roll Over Unless Paying Annually.

$ 129/mo.


Startup Phase: Planning

\Initial Legal Assessment
\Unlimited Monthly Calls
\Access To Startup Law Library
$ 349/mo.


Startup Phase: Launching

\Initial Legal Assessment
\Unlimited Monthly Calls
\Access To Startup Law Library
\1 Hour of Legal Work
\50% discount on Additional Work
$ 999/mo.


Startup Phase: Scaling

\Initial Legal Assessment
\Unlimited Monthly Calls
\Access To Startup Law Library
\3 Hours of Legal Work
\50% discount on Additional Work
$ 1499/mo.


Startup Phase: Growing

\Initial Legal Assessment
\Unlimited Monthly Calls
\Access To Startup Law Library
\5 Hours of Legal Work
\50% Discount on Additional Work

Or Get a Custom Quote

How it works

Step 1:

Choose your tier

Select the tier that makes the most sense for your current startup phase or request a custom quote.

Step 2:

Get the full picture

We’ll meet with you and do an initial legal assessment so we have 100% clarity and mutual trust. We will come up with a legal roadmap and plan for your startup. 

Step 3:

Move forward + implement

We’ll start meeting together on a regular basis and make sure your startup has what it needs to experience exponential growth.